Novela was made for venues like yours

We’re the only all-in-one solution purpose-built for the wedding industry. We can help you seal the deal with high-value couples, generate new revenue streams, manage all your client and vendor relationships, leverage content and testimonials, and more.


Grow your wedding business

Novela helps you attract, woo, and sign qualified couples. With our client-facing marketplace and robust referral network, you have all the tools to connect with new potential clients. Utilize your Novela dashboard to track leads, effortlessly send contracts and invoices, and accept online payments.

Take your customer experience to new heights

When a couple commits to working with your venue, they’ll receive a personalized planning portal with your venue’s branding. The experience for couples feels like an extension of your website. They can use their portal to sign contracts, make payments, and browse and communicate with your preferred vendors - all from one place.

"Novela is the ultimate 'matchmaker' for weddings, connecting couples with the best venues and vendors. Novela over-delivered on their promise."

Amanda & Jared

Novela Clients

Bring your top vendors to the table

You know that quality vendors are make or break for an incredible wedding. Help couples find vendors they can depend on by creating a Preferred Vendors program for your venue.

Harness the power of your partners

Start generating a new revenue stream through Novela’s referral network. When a couple comes along that isn’t quite right for your venue, send them to another Novela partner and collect a referral fee. Simple as that. You can even get paid for the vendors you recommend. The couple gets what they’re looking for, your partners in the industry get more business, and your venue makes more money—everybody wins.

Boosting trust has never been easier

Nothing eases a potential client’s anxieties about choosing a venue like a glowing testimonial. Novela makes it easy for couples to leave your venue a review, and even easier for you to share it. After their big day, couples can even use Novela to access and post their favorite wedding photos, giving your venue free organic exposure.

We’re building a new model for the wedding industry

Unlike other platforms, we don’t profit by sending you lousy leads, serving couples ads, or charging you for a listing. Our referrals-based business model means we only make money when you make money - a true partnership.


Find answers to common questions about using Novela for your wedding business.

How does Novela work?

Novela is the premier referral network for the wedding industry. We leverage technology and relationships to help you secure more clients and manage your business. You can get started today for no cost and no obligation.

What are the benefits of using Novela?

Novela helps your business acquire new leads, manage your existing lead pipeline, onboard new clients, tap into your referral network, and market your business. You can get started today for no cost and no obligation.

What does Novela cost?

Novela doesn’t charge for ads, listings or leads. If you decide to join our Referral Network, we earn a 10% referral fee when you book a new client. That’s it. We also offer all venues and vendors a free Workflow Management Solution. Venues and vendors that have opted into our Referral Network and become verified get access to extra features, such as affiliate integrations, contract templates, and $0 transaction fees! You can learn more about our pricing here.

How can I get started with Novela?

We’re so glad you asked! Novela is free to join. Simply visit our onboarding page and get started today.

Is Novela customizable for my business?

Novela is completely customizable for your business! When you use Novela’s Workflow Management Solution, you can customize most elements of your client’s experience, and we’re adding new features every week. Get started today for no cost and no obligation.

What kind of support can I expect?

You can expect unbelievable, talk on the phone with a real person, caring and considerate support from Novela.  We pride ourselves on having amazing customer service, and because of our business model, we are directly invested in your success! Get started today for no cost and no obligation.

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